Workshop: Mobile Photography

September 29, 2022

Thursday, 20 December



Born in Diyarbakir in 1985, Dilan Bozyel lived in Diyarbakir until the age of nineteen, and worked as a reporter for music magazines in her early twenties as she studied business administration in İstanbul. In her third year, when she was introduced to the photographs of Diane Arbus, she fell under the spell of photography; deciding to complete her education in photography, she applied to an academy of photography and art in London, and was accepted. After subsequently completing her education in advertising and marketing, she photographed for British culture, art and music magazines, particularly for Vice Magazine. Renowned for her success in photography, Bozyel was featured in the advertisement of Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign in 2010, becoming one of the global advertising faces of the brand as one of the 50 young artists who have become known by breaking the socially accepted rules for success.

In this workshop, after working on the basic rules and use of light in mobile photography, we will be focusing on composition for creativity in mobile photography. In the third part of the workshop, we will practice mobile still life and portrait photography, and conclude the workshop with questions and answers.