Bandoneon & Guitar Duo: Ortaç Aydınoğlu and Kâmil Erdem

You are invited to the Thursday Classic featuring Bandoneon Artist Ortaç Aydınoğlu and Guitar Artist Kâmil Erdem!

Together, they will unite the quintessential instruments of tango music, offering a distinctive selection of Argentine tangos through their original arrangements. Their repertoire encompasses works by renowned composers who have popularized tango globally, such as Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla, as well as authentic tangos, waltzes, and milongas. This duo represents one of the rare instances in Turkey of a guitar-bandoneon pair embedded within the tango tradition.

Bandoneonist Ortaç Aydınoğlu, awarded the ITU 2019 Best Thesis Award for his second doctoral dissertation titled “Orchestration Styles in Argentine Tango Music,” furthered his research on tango music with extensive studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kâmil Erdem began his musical career with classical guitar, exploring polyphonic renditions of Turkish music. Transitioning to the bass, he continued his explorations within jazz. He obtained his first international exposure through his participation in the Okay Temiz Oriental Wind ensemble in 1981, performing across Turkey and Europe alongside leading musicians from Sweden and Turkey until 1986.