• 12:30
  • Founder’s Hall
Conductor : Gülsen Yavuzkal

Pianist: Melina Seçikyan Kuyumcu

Reflecting the cultural mosaic of İstanbul, Koral İstanbul gathers in one breath the different national, religious and sonic colors of İstanbul. Having performed at numerous venues in İstanbul, Koral İstanbul now meets the Koç University community. With its philosophy of singing for humanity and peace, free of any discrimination of color, language, religious, race or gender, Koral İstanbul offers a polyphonic treatment of its selection of works from Türkiye and various other countries, in Turkish, Romaic, Armenian, Hebrew, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, English, Swiss German, Zulu and Japanese. At the event to be performed at the Founders’ Hall, Koral İstanbul will present the incredible harmony of different colors and fill our ears with the beauty of diversity.



For invitations: eventbrite.com / Invitations are available online, 2 days before the event.