Meşher Exhibition Tour with An Expert Guide

*In collaboration with the Archaeology and Art History Club (KUARHA),

**The transportation fee for participation is 10 TL. You can get your ticket by showing your invitation QR code at the service departure point.

 You are invited to Meşher for a panoramic view of Istanbul’s skyline from one end to the other!

Meşher derives its name from an Ottoman Turkish word meaning “exhibition space.” The exhibition, which presents snippets from five centuries, includes over 100 works. These works range from panoramic and wide-angle cityscapes, some of which are displayed in Istanbul for the first time, to engravings, rare books, oil paintings, and photographs. The pieces, produced by Westerners from ship captains to travelers, soldiers to diplomats, and authors, painters, photographers, to architects and urban planners, were created for various purposes, sometimes political or military, sometimes aesthetic, showcasing diverse techniques.

Rather than beautifying the city once again, the exhibition invites visitors to explore the diversity of narratives and the variety of depictions. Accompanying the “Istanbul As Far As the Eye Can See” exhibition, which will be available until May 26, 2024, are a series of programs such as workshops for adults and children prepared by the curators and the Meşher team.