Perşembe Klasiği: Çellistanbul & Burcu Karadağ

Cellistanbul has commenced a series of concerts with the intent of sharing the tonality produced by four cellos, which closely resembles that of the human voice, with all aficionados of music. Burcu Karadağ, the proprietor of the album entitled “NEYZEN”, which is distinguished as the first album published by a female ney performer and comprises exquisite Turkish music pieces, will collaborate with Cellistanbul under the auspices of SGKM.

Cellistanbul, a cello quartet, was founded in 2002 under the leadership of Murat Berk. Following its mission to meet cellists in Turkey and around the world and to make music together, Cellistanbul intersected with Xavier Phillips, Misca Maisky, Berlin Philharmonic cellists, and Athens Symphony Orchestra cellists. The group continues its work with Melih Kara, Murat Berk, Julya Krepak, and Yusuf Çelik, collaborating with domestic and international composers and cellists in their concerts.

Ney player Burcu Karadağ merges traditional melodies from different regions of Anatolia with modern jazz tones in her latest work, the album “Ney in Ethno Jazz”. The album emphasizes local tunes alongside fusion jazz elements, with the ney instrument taking a central solo role.