• 10:00
  • Auditorium
The theme of this year’s TEDxKoçUniversity event will be “The Key”. Ten free spirited, open minded speakers who have stood strong agianst the problems they have faced in their careers and devised unique and creative solutions in their will be on stage at the Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center on November 7th, 2015. TEDxKoçUniversity speakers believe that the universal issues we face as humanity today such as education, technology, design, politics, civil society and equality are in urgent need for “keys” to unlock them. Speakers will be talking about how they recognized the “locks” they faced in their careers and how they eventually managed to find their own unique keys.

The event is organised by SAK Club.For more info: incampus@ku.edu.tr


Ticketed events and invitation-only events are open only to University Members.