SGKM Workshop: Fungİstanbul

September 29, 2022

Thursday, 13 October


Location to be announced.


“Music with Upcycled Waste Instruments” Workshop

In 2016, Fungİstanbul released an ethnic instrumental music album called “Fenoloji” with the compositions inspired by nature, which we describe as a nature and art project. In 2019, the music videos we published with the instruments we made by upcycling waste attracted attention in Turkey and around the world, and in 2022, we released our album Çer Çöp Havası, the first album in which we played our compositions with instruments made from waste materials. We are now organizing a workshop in which the waste instruments and the production stages of our waste costumes are explained, where the participants will have the opportunity to see our waste instruments up close and hear their voices, along with the change and transformation story of Fungİstanbul.

Note: The sound system and projector required for the workshop will be provided by Koç University.


Roni Aran ( Saucepan Saz, Can Saz )

Herman Artuç ( Pipe Bongo, Can Drums )

Serhat Ayebe ( Saucepan Bass, Tarbasin