The event which was planned to take place this week, is canceled by the Rectorate in line with the decision to cancel all activities for a period of time.

Thank you for your attention.


  • THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2020
  • 12:30
The album and concert project of Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı, a young Turkish pianist, the Rachmaninov Anatolian Project brings the solo piano works and Lieds of Rachmaninov, one of the greatest pianists and composers of the 20th century, together with Anatolian instruments. Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı makes the following comments about her choice of Rachmaninov, a composer particularly renowned in the piano repertoire of Classical music, for this project: “I have been dreaming of this project since my introduction to music and Rachmaninov. Rachmaninov is of Tatar origin, and I have felt and affinity for his music because I am an Uyghur Turk. The composer’s works that have many Central Asian motifs have driven me to this idea.” The young pianist remarks that motifs of his Tatar roots are particularly seen in Rachmaninov’s earlier compositions, adding that she has noted this fact in her choices for the concert program. These compositions also bear Eastern influences, and their original form has been preserved as they were arranged for Anatolian instruments. Featuring solo as well as trio compositions, the Rachmaninov Anatolian Project features Erkan Tekin on duduk and Cenk Erdoğan on yaylı tambur and fretless guitar on select compositions.