• THURSDAY, NOVEMBER, 12, 2020
An Impossible project is a love letter to analog times. Jens Meurer, the creator of the film, defines himself as “a Don Quixote who has declared war on the digital world.” Born in Berlin, Meurer has worked as a producer for such masters of cinema as Paul Verhoeven, Alexander Sokurov and Olivier Assayas and won many awards. In his new documentary, Meurer tells the story of the people trying to save the last Polaroid factory in the world, led by the Austrian Florian Doc Kaps, participating in the events himself. Funded through a crowdfunding campaign, the documentary is the product of years of passion and labor.


Director: Jens Meurer

Screenplay: Jens Meurer

Director of Photography: Bernd Fischer, Torsten Lippstock

Editing: Michael Nollet, Andrew Bird, Zenon Kristen

Music: Sascha Peres

Producer: Jens Meurer, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross

Production Company: Instant Film

World Sales: Autlook Filmsales GmbH

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