SGKM WorkShop: Şiddetsiz İletişim

In Cooperation with ALIS

According to the expressionist understanding of art, anyone can engage in artistic creation. When we shape a work of art by maintaining our focus and our sensibilities, we become aware of our power to shape our inner world. This process enables us to connect with our inner facilities and opens up space for us to utilize them. In this workshop, we will embark on an inter-artistic journey in which we will dance, draw pictures and write poems. During the workshop, we will temporarily suspend our daily life and make the images in our dreams come to life, through our drawings, poetry and dance. At the end of the workshop, we will actively listen to what our artworks tell us, without judgement, and reflect on how they can provide answers to our needs. In this reflection, we will be focusing on communication, and examining its ideally non-violent nature.

This workshop is not intended to provide a therapy service, but the participants will be witnessing the healing and transforming power of art throughout the workshop. Participants are encouraged to attend with clothes that will allow them to move freely.