• 16 Kasım 2021
The successful young Russian director, Timofei Kulyabin, who has gained further admiration with every play he has staged, is brought to your screens with a brand-new adaptation of Maxim Gorky’s Children of the Sun. Kulyabin is an artist who is firmly committed to the power of interpretation; he favours realistically re-staging classical texts… Children of the Sun is a play with very impressive stage language that will keep the audience captive until the end. In this brilliant Kulyabin adaptation that was beautifully re-written for the stage by Olga Fedyanina, we will witness Gorky’s descriptions of the deep divide between intellectuals and common folk before the 1905 Revolution intertwining with transcripts of speeches by Russian scientists, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk at Stanford University. Unlike Gorky’s protagonists, who scurry around in the silence before the storm, Kulyabin’s characters find themselves in an airtight space on the Stanford University campus in 1999. The atmosphere before the 1905 Revolution is this time felt in the field of a technological revolution. The play focuses on emotions, which Kulyabin approaches as a space to explore experience and narrative. While Children of the Sun questions the sides of two separate times stuck in a moment of great change, it allows us to direct our attention to a present-day threshold: Do the children of the sun and darkness still exist, and if they do, exactly where do they stand?

Lasts app. 120’.
Russian with Turkish subtitles.
Suitable for ages 16+.

Maxim Gorky, stage adaptation by Olga Fedyanina

Directed by: Timofei Kulyabin
Set Design: Oleg Golovko
Lighting Design: Aleksandr Romanov
Performers: Pavel Polyakov, Irina Krivonos, Darya Emelyanova, Konstantin Telegin, Andrey Chernykh, Elena Drinevskaya