• 5 November Salı
  • 19:00
Among Ingmar Bergman’s most mysterious and unsettling films, Persona is a moving psychological drama, “a sonata for two instruments” in Bergman’s own words, whose influence has spread from David Lynch to Claude Chabrol, and even Abba. The young nurse Alma, played by Bibi Andersson, cares for Elisabeth Vogler, an actress who refuses to speak, played by Liv Ullman. The duo move to a seaside cottage, but with time, the treatment works in an unexpected direction, with Alma speaking and pouring her heart out, instead of Elisabeth. As the personalities interweave, so do fantasy and reality. One of Bergman’s many impeccable masterpieces, Persona “touches the wordless mysteries that only cinema can explore”, as described by its director.

Director: Ingmar Bergman

1966 | Drama – Thriller | 85′ | Swedish, with Turkish subtitles

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