Herkes Kocama Benziyor

This event will be held in Turkish.

Age Restriction: 16+

Duration: One Act, 65 mins

“No, I’ve felt a bit relieved since that night, but it’s like it hasn’t fully cooled down inside me. I don’t understand; my anger just lurks there like a ball, simmering. It’s cooled, but sometimes it flares up again. Something stuck since that night. My mind doesn’t stop, it’s constantly working. I tell it to calm down, ‘Girl, take a break,’ I say. I don’t know, if I’m a woman, then I guess my mind is also womanly, that’s what I say. Eyes wide open like a cunning woman.”

Ayten, a restroom attendant at a nightclub, recounts her story one by one from her established position. She shares how she ended up here, about her estranged husband, grief, shattered dreams, and her beloved friends working at the nightclub, but most of all, her anger. When the anger, undefined in the past but now pieced together, breaks like the frosted glass of the restroom one day, nothing is the same again.

Written by: Alis Çalışkan

Directed by: Hakan Emre Ünal

Performed by: Pınar Güntürkün

Technical Implementation: Ege Erkal

Photography: Aycin Çalışkan

Poster Design: Defnenur Botsalı

Dramaturgy: Alis Çalışkan, Hakan Emre Ünal, Pınar Güntürkün