Conversations About The Stage: A Conversation with Serkan Keskin on Being a Theater Company/Working as a Company in Theater

  • Wednesday, 10 March
  • 20:30
Serkan Keskin started acting in İzmit, the city where he was born, in 1997, at a theater course at the İzmit City Theater founded under the art direction of Işıl Kasapoğlu. After his course education, he played various roles at the İzmit City Theater between 1998-2001, and moved to İstanbul for his theater education. Between 1999-2002, he studied at the Akademi İstanbul theater school, where Işıl Kasapoğlu was the head of the department. After completing his theater training, he joined Semaver Kumpanya, which was established in 2002.

A conversation with Serkan Keskin, who worked as an actor and director for Semaver Kumpanya for many years since its inception, in addition to his independent theater, film and TV work, on be- ing a theater company/working as a company in theater.