VOICE DNA: Improvisational Vocal Workshop with Uran Apak

Within each of us, there are not just one, but many voices waiting to be discovered and released. Our roles in daily life and societal norms only allow us to express a few of these voices.

Voice DNA is both a workshop where we can get to know our own voice more closely, and a playground where we can safely release our inner voices. Some of the experiences we’ll have in the workshop include improvisational vocal exercises, practical advice on breath and voice techniques that everyone can apply, and a jam session with a loop station that instantly records and combines our voices!

Our guide in this workshop will be Uran Apak, a musician and vocal coach who started his work in Istanbul and continued in London. After completing his master’s degree in Sound Arts at Goldsmiths University, Uran received training in vocals and improvisation from artists like Bobby McFerrin in New York, Bat-Oyun in Mongolia, and Jenni Roditi in London. He continues to release music, perform concerts, and organize workshops in Istanbul with the group Nu Park and in London as a solo project. He is also one of the founders of the UK Vocal Improv Festival, which held its second event last summer, and a film composer who has won the best music award at the Siyad Awards.