A conversation with Can Kazaz on the sustainability of the stage

  • 27.10.2021
  • 21:00
A conversation with Can Kazaz on a sustainable stage, and the sustainability of music in the world

 A conversation with Can Kazaz, who continues his creative journey by putting music at the center of his life, with inspiration from nature, on a sustainable stage and the sustainability of music production in the world. Can Kazaz started his career in 2005 by putting music at the center of his life. At the young age of 16, he developed his childhood skill at playing instruments and composed melodies, producing rap beats under the alias Yuken. With his signature under many songs of the time, the mainstream music industry closed its doors to his first official rap album production. But he did not give up music. In his early university years studying physics, Kazaz secretly began to prepare to enter the Bilgi University Department of Music. Being accepted into the department with a talent scholarship changed his life. Kazaz started working as an academic at the department after graduating at the top of his class. With the songs he has been releasing since 2012 and his special vocal color, he reached a broad audience, becoming a broadly recognized, sincere and serene voice. After quitting academia, he moved to a rural setting between 2017-2019, fulfilling his longing for silence and nature. With renewed energy for his new creative process, he switched to a more dynamic style. Kazaz explains in many interviews that “if he does not feel sincere while writing a song, he trashes it” and this explains the authenticity of his music and his success. The album “Sürsün Bahar”, which Kazaz dedicated to his late father, and which brought him the Alternative Artist of the year Award at the 16th Radyo Boğaziçi Music Awards, is regarded as a pinnacle of the new generation of songwriting. Kazaz revisited the spirit of hip-hop with his “Yuken” EP, and with his newly released album “Kızılgerdan,” he looks set to be one of the most compelling voices of modern RnB in our country.