September 29, 2022

Tuesday, 29 November


Sevgi Gönül Auditorium


Who counts as human? Whose life counts as a human life? Let us face each other. We shall be untangled by each other.

“BİZ” (“WE”), in which contemoprary dance and live music cometogether, draws its inspiration from Anatolian esotericism and contemporary philosophy, questioning the concepts of “unity in multiplicity”, “empathy” and “universal ethics”.


The three dancers in the performance space try to find their way along the lines of solidarity and conflict, compassion and violence, power and vulnerability, presence and absence, passing through triple movement forms, double action dialogues and moments of solitude, in which they do not lose physical contact. They work on their bodies and emotional memories, and seek unity in multitude.

The performance features the concept and choreography of dancer, choreographer and director Bedirhan Dehmen, whose works have been staged in such  venues as Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul Modern, Maxim Gorki Theater (Berlin), Suzanne Dellal Center (Tel Aviv) and Pavillon Noir (Aix-en-Provence).

The musical arrangement and live music performance is provided by multi-instrumentalist Cem Yıldız, who combines Anatolian music with psychedelia and folk acid, and has performed in many world-renowned electronic music festivals from the Montreux Jazz Festival to Sonar Barcelona. Cem Yıldız creates the electro-acoustic sound universe of the performance with his vocals and bağlama, which he processes live in the computer, conducting “cem”, becoming voice and breath…



Duration: 50 min.


Created and Performed by  Bedirhan Dehmen, Canberk Yıldız, Cem Yıldız, Mihran Tomasyan

Concept and Choreography Bedirhan Dehmen

Music Arrangement Cem Yıldız

Lighting Design Kerem Çetinel

Costume Design Günsu Sarı

Lighting Operator Melis Karaman

Social Media Planning Ponte Dijital

Production Biz Platform

Management Caféturc Music & Arts