• Tuesday, 8 March
  • 20.00
Tiyatro HEMHÂL

Play – One Act, 85 Minutes

Written by: Latife Tekin

Adaptation by, Director: Hakan Emre Ünal

Adaptation by, Actor: Nezaket Erden

Project Advisor: Zeynep Günsur Yüceil

Poster Design: Kardelen Akça

About the Novel

“The people I was born and raised among were broken to pieces by unrealized dreams… I kept fighting on to adapt to the city, and ended up bruised and battered . As I fought, I drifted away from the people I grew up with. But I resisted, to protect my own values, my language, and the love those people gave to me with tireless passion. This novel is a gift from the people I grew up with to me, for this resistance.”

Latife Tekin

About the Play

We witness the struggle of a large family that has migrated to a big city from their village, through the eyes of Dirmit, their youngest daughter. Living in their single-room house, each family member finds their own way in the fight to hold on in the city, while the little Dirmit finds many ways to cope with the hardships she encounters with her unstoppable curiosity and her resilience. Her mother Atiye, her father Huvat and her older brothers, who try to protect her from the city, are made uneasy by Dirmit’s various manners, putting obstacles in front of her under the guidance of customs and traditions. But Dirmit will never stop trying!

Hakan Emre Ünal- Nezaket Erden