• 18:00
  • MAVA TV Stüdyosu
2017 | Documentary | 75’ | Turkish, with English Subtitles

The slums of Ceyhan, Adana… Dark strories, cursing mouths, poverty at their purest and most real. Adana is known for its heat, its fertile soil, its rough men, its kebab, its rage and its masculinity. This is a city about which everyone gets to say a few words, and it is now the slums’ turn, with their extraordinary stories, their demolished walls and their candor.

The film is set in Ceyhan, where the director was born and raised, and witnesses the stories of the neighborhood dwellers. With events involving elements of comedy along with violence, occasionally turning into criminal cases, the city has become a cultural phenomenon across the country, and the film takes a broader perspective as it looks at its people, aiming to shed light on the socio-cultural structure of a city made of slums.


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