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Formed in 2010 by four female musicians, the Silva Quartet have been fusing classical and Turkish music, jazz, tango, film scores and popular music to come up with their own style of original music, in addition to their performance repertoire. Playing concerts in Turkey and around the world, the quartet is the first and only wind instrument quartet in Turkey, and is the official Turkish artist group of the world renowned instrument maker Bg France.

With an intriguing repertoire that brings the music of Turkey together with universal music, the Silva Quartet brings an original take to classical music with its idiosyncratic style, and aims to represent Turkey around the world. The quartet also adds variety to its works with percussive instruments and vocals, resulting in an original and entertaining performance.

Duygu Kozak Şahiner: Flute
Beste Özensoy: Oboa
Merve Nuvasil: Clarinet
Hande Everes: Bassoon


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