• 19:00
  • MAVA TV Studio
Tasty Cinema is a delicious experience that brings a new take on the experience of watching a film by addressing the senses of smell and taste. The organization brings a new dimension to cinema by serving food and drinks that will enhance the striking moments in every film.

Tasty Cinema goes down to the essence of cinema to create a whole new experience. If your palate has grown tired of popcorn and ice cream, it can now enjoy new tastes during the most beautiful scenes of the film.

Tasty Cinema promises an experience that will complement the beautiful stories told in films. This experience lets you fully enjoy the film in various exclusive venues, in an atmosphere that fits the story. With surprises and special events before and after the films, the doors to new worlds of imagination are wide open.

Among the leading formats in multi-sensory experiences in Türkiye, Tasty Cinema has been active since 2014. Complementing the film viewing experience with a gastronomical approach, this format opens a new venue for the next generation chefs of Türkiye in which they can exhibit their creativity. Tasty Cinema also continues to work on new ways of bringing gastronomy together with music, theater and other performing arts.


For invitations: eventbrite.com / Invitations are available online, 2 days before the event.

Ticketed events and invitation-only events are open only to University Members.

Ticketed event. Attendance is limited by quota.

Tickets: 10 TL / tixbox.com.tr