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Deep Listening / The Moment offers everyone who wants to explore their multi-dimensional relationships with sounds and expand their connection with the environment, technology and others an open field of experience.

We are tightly intertwined with sounds. Our ears are the first organ to develop in the womb. Sounds continually affect our circulation, our digestive and nervous systems, in short, all our organs.

The sounds that surround us often accompany us in the background. The act of hearing takes place involuntarily. But listening means being voluntary, and making choices. And Deep Listening is a process that encourages us to become aware of our listening habits.

Deep Listening allows us to anchor ourselves in the Moment, and reach a conscious awareness. In this event, we are researching the dynamics of hearing and listening. First, we get in contact with our body, our breathing and our own voice. Then, we listen to environmental sounds, the sounds of the others
around us, the sounds of nature, as well as our inner voice and our imagination.

In the second half of the event, we will embark on a journey of sound with the help of such instruments as gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and drums, which set the brain waves to the alpha and theta levels, and experience relaxing with sounds.

The event is suitable for participation by people of all ages. No previous experience is required.

This event will be live on zoom.