“Faust?” is an adaptation of Goethe’s Faust. In this rendition, based on a wager between God and Mephistopheles, Mephistopheles descends to Earth and approaches the wise Faust with the aim of introducing him to earthly pleasures, pulling him away from his scholarly pursuits, and leading him astray. Faust, who is in search of ultimate knowledge, finds himself in a state of uncertainty. They make a pact: Mephistopheles will expose Faust to all earthly pleasures, and if Faust becomes ensnared by them and wishes to stop time, Mephistopheles will win the wager.

In “Faust?,” the audience will accompany this journey of exploration, guided by a team of masks, puppets, music, and a cast of 7 buffoon characters.

“It’s a bit cryptic, quite imaginative, with a drop of truth.”


Original Title: Faust
Written by: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Translated by: Celal Öner
Adapted and Directed by: Yiğit Sertdemir
Assistant Director: Öykü Naz Altay
Costume and Mask Design: Zanna Abasova
Project Advisor: Başak Özdoğan
Choreographer: Büşra Firidin
Music Design: İrem Alnıaçık
Music Design: Mekin Sezer
Poster Design: Umut Erkin Güngör
Lighting Design: Yiğit Sertdemir
Lighting Technician: Efe Arslan

İrem Alnıaçık
Öykü Naz Altay
İbrahim Arıcı
Tuğra Can Bıçak
Cihan Durmaz
Mekin Sezer
Alara Turan

Piano: Emre Can Karakurum
Guitar: Yiğit Atak
Drums: Eren Dinç