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Nilipek released her first album “Sabah” in 2015. Produced by Ozan Tekin, the album was cited among the best albums of the year by music critics. In 2017, she recorded the album “Döngü,” which she defines as “a personal urban mythology,” with Can Aydınoğlu on guitar, Ozan Tekin on keyboard, Umut Çetin on bass guitar and synth bass and Berkay Küçükbaşlar on drums. She released her cover of “Gözleri Aşka Gülen” in April 2018, and “Beraber,” an original song in June 2018 as singles.

The album “Havanın Suyun Muhabbeti”, an acoustic recording of the concert Nilipek played in SanatMahal in Bursa, was also published in 2018 on digital platforms. In late 2019, she composed music for the film “Biz Böyleyiz” directed by Caner Özyurtlu. “Mektuplar,” Nilipek’s third studio album, consists of two parts of five songs each, taking the listener on a journey starting with the opening song.