• Saturday, 20 February


France Duration: 99’

Language: French, with Turkish subtitles

Directors: Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Cast: Dominique Pinon, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Karin Viard, Anne-Marie Pisani, Pascal Benezech, Marie-Laure Dougnac

1991 Chicago Best Film 1992 César Awards (France) Best First Film, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Editing

2021 is the 30th anniversary of Delicatessen, which deserves to be called a cult film with its color, smell and taste. The film is set in an apartment building owned by a butcher who sells human meat, full of inexplicable oddities, in an imaginary world that looks like it has come out of armaged- don. This timeless, extremely original and unapologetically funny film that stretches the boundaries of the imagination has introduced to the silver screen such strange characters as a butcher who is a cross between Buster Keaton and Popeye who chops up old women and dwarfs, a janitor who inflates balloons, and an army of vegetarians living underground. But much more importantly, it has given audiences an unmatched visual quality and an incredible palette of colors. Presenting his film in 2008, Marc Caro commented: “Here is what Delicatessen is like: Get Terry Gilliam to watch Sergio Leone Films, then get Spielberg to watch the films he will make, and then get Marcel Carné to watch his.”