In Cooperation with ALIS

“To draw is one of the ways to understand the essence of that thing.”

Pat B. Allen, Art is a Way of Knowing,

1995, sayfa 23

Expressive Art Therapy believes that human beings have a potential for creativity that has been inherent since their existence, and that they can find clues to the answers they seek in this potential. The Discovery in the Poiesis Field: An Expressive Art Therapy Workshop aims to invite individuals into the poiesis field. Stephen K. Levine brings the concept of poiesis from Ancient Greece back into the spotlight in the theory of Expressive Art Therapy. In Ancient Greek, poiesis is the term used for creating something that did not exist before. Within the workshop, various forms of art such as mindfulness, writing, poetry, and drawing will be utilized. No aesthetic skills are required to participate in this workshop. You only need to bring yourself and be open to observing which layers become visible to you within this creative realm. Each individual experiences the creative process as they are ready.