Istırap Korosu

This event will be held in Turkish.

Age Restriction: 16+

Duration: One act, 65 mins.

Istırap Korosu, which premiered at the 25th Istanbul Theater Festival, is coming together with Koç University!

Murat mahmutyazicıoğlu, known for bringing the voices of İstanbul to the stage; what women, young and old, think about; the hurt and angry states of young people drifting from here to there, this time tells an ‘apartment story.’  An apartment… ‘Quiet’ and ‘Peaceful’…A night… a peculiar night where footsteps, creaks, screams and laughter bleed into each other…

Hello neighbors! Ladies and gentlemen!

Close your windows, lock your doors!

Hush now, be quiet…

Hush now, don’t move…

Agony is the consolation of the lazy.

Written and Directed by: Murat Mahmutyazıcıoğlu

Performers: Seda Türkmen, Deniz Karaoğlu

Assistant Directors: Sevda Deniz Karali,Özden Selim Karadana

Movement Design: Gizem Bilgen

Set Design: Meltem Çakmak

Costume Design: Efe Soykaraman

Lighting Design: Osman Onur Can

Poster: Bıyıkof

Photographs/Teaser: Azize Design Studıo

Project Assistant: Cansel Erdoğan

Production Partner: Kadıköy Boa Sahne

Thanks: Bereze Gösteri Evi, Apartman Sahne