SGKM Workshop: (Art Therapy)

September 29, 2022

Thursday, 27 October


Renew Your Spirit with Colors!

Self-Care Through Art Workshop with Bihter Yasemin Adalı


Self-care begins with the individual focusing on themselves, opening up areas of awareness and expression through which to concentrate on the somatic, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of their own existence. Using the languages of the expressive arts such as painting, sculpture, movement and poetry is faster more effective in understanding the traces and weight left behind by life, and unburdening ourselves than expressing ourselves with words.

In this three-hour workshop designed for professionals working in the fields of education, health, civil society and culture and arts, which involve a high risk of burnout, the participants will explore the healing power of art towards renewal and resilience, which are basic needs. The workshop will be conducted by art psychotherapy expert Bihter Yasemin Adalı, and the participants will witness how emotions, thoughts and experiences can transform when they find expression, and signify new meanings and behaviors through art, and explore their inner resources that can give them strength when they are tired.