İSPO (İstanbul Soundpainting Orchestra)

  • Tuesday, 16 March
  • 21:00
Established in 2012, the İstanbul Soundpainting Orchestra is a musical ensemble that performs improvisations and live compositions on stage through the use of sign language. The Orchestra aims to multiply musical possibilities, and make the audience part of their performances. Delivering a broad range of scene performances from roots to contemporary, from experimental music to au- dience participation, İSPO promises audiences an interactive concert experience through the un- derstandability of the sign language by the spectators, as well as through body percussion.


Gökçe Gürçay: Conductor (Soundpainter) Ayşe Akarsu: Body Music Percussion, Vocals Cenk Güçbilmez: Percussion

Gizem Altun: Vocals Gökçe Göknel: Vocals

Miray Eslek: Clarinet, Vocals Özlem Kaya: Violin, Vocals Onok Bozkurt: Guitar

Serhan Adem: Piano, Keyboards

Yiğit Büyükeroğlu: Electric Guitar, Fretless Guitar