Ne Olacak Bu Yusuf Umut’un Hali

“I’m Yusuf Umut. Usually, when I say that, they ask which one I’m using. I say I don’t like either of them. That’s why I use both. My grandpa insisted on using Yusuf. It’s a prophet’s name, blessed. My mom wanted Umut. So, here I am, Yusuf Umut. That’s me.”

Yusuf Umut is narrating his own journey in pursuit of an undefined yet irresistible freedom. Will this freedom eventually bring Yusuf Umut closer to the environment he’s been searching for? Can it rescue him from the world of sofas, rules, and boundaries?

And let’s also ask from here:

What will become of Yusuf Umut?

Thanks to Atölye Pasaport, Kadıköy Boa Sahne, Mehmet İrdel, and Fırat Neziroğlu.

Written by: Alis Çalışkan – Hakan Emre Ünal
Directed by: Ayşe Draz – Nezaket Erden
Performed by: Hakan Emre Ünal
Dramaturgy: Tiyatro Hemhâl
Assistant Director: Çağla Yağmur Doğan
Costume Design: Şeyma Arslaner
Set Consultant: Ayça Bildik
Movement Consultant: Ekin Tunçeli
Lighting: Ali Dönmez
Music: Turkodiroma
Video Animation: Büşra Keskin
Illustration: Perim İşisağ
Poster Design: Kardelen Akça