• 9 Kasım 2021
Can there be a story about ordinary people? Would anyone be interested in the everyday trials, problems that are not very ‘literary’, foolish searches, or strange situations people find themselves in during their lives? Even though it seems insignificant, Anton Chekhov chose to focus on the mundane in all of his plays, leaving a deep mark on world literature with his subtle and unique sense of humour.

Chekhov renders the complex world of man visible with sharp detail. In The Bear, which he repeatedly rewrote, he criticizes the social view of the period in his unique style. In the play, the squabbles between a woman mourning the death of her husband and a man nicknamed ‘The Bear’ who arrives to collect her husband’s debt are told in a very humorous manner. This game between the duo, which goes back and forth on the fringes of hate and love, offers the audience something beyond situational comedy as it also sheds light on the rarely addressed quirks of romance.

Lasts app. 100’.
Russian with Turkish subtitles.
Suitable for ages 16+.


Written by: Anton Pavlovic Chekhov
Directed by: Vladimir Pankov
Music: Artyom Kim, Sergey Rodukov
Stage Design: Maxim Obrezkov
Choreography: Polina Mironova
Light Design: Nikolai Surkov
Performers: Elena Yakovleva, Alexander Feklistov, Nadezhda Meier, Petr Markin, Anastasia Alferova, Katsiaryna Kryuko, Olga Putkova, Dilyara Sagdeeva, Iana Chekina, Evgenii Barkhatov