Thursday Classic / Yaren Eren Budak

  • Thursday, 7 April, 2022
  • 12.30
Yaren Eren Budak is an İstanbul-based cellist, laptop performer, educator and music writer. He has performed on stage, as well as working behind the scenes, at various new music, electronic/electroacoustic and independent music festivals. He worked with the independent label Müzik Hayvanı, helping organize various events.

Budak has recorded and performed live with such projects as Peygamber Vitesi, kutu, Kam Ata, In Hoodies, shin, DAT (Duysal Aksiyon Topluluğu), Akkor, Elz and the Cult and Bewitched As Dark. In addition to continuing some of these collaborations, he has been focusing on his own electroacoustic music productions and performances in recent years.