SGKM: Şahdamarım

September 29, 2022

Thursday, 20 October


Sevgi Gönül Auditorium


Ahmed Arif is a great poet loved by the masses, who has stood the peak of our literature with a single book of poetry. In the 30th anniversary of his death, the Dostlar Theater presents a gift to his esteemed memory: Genco Erkal has created the musical show Şahdamarım, consisting of his poems, conversations and letters. Songs composed from Ahmed Arif’s poems are performed by the Ercan and Gökhan Çağıran brothers, and nearly all of the poet’s poems are recited or sung.


Adapted, Directed and Performed by:

Genco Erkal



Ercan Çağıran

Gökhan Çağıran


The stage design was adapted from the works of Duygu Sağıroğlu.


Poems by Ahmed Arif Set to Music:


Suskun ve Ay Karanlık – Music:

Ahmet Kaya


Kara – Music:

Grup Ekin


İçerde – Music:

Rahmi Saltuk


All other compositions:

Ercan Çağıran

Gökhan Çağıran


Assistant Directors:

Mustafa Kemal Turhan, Batuhan Yıldız


Poster Design Director:

Uğurcan Ataoğlu


Poster Design and Video:

Talip Özer


Press and Public Relations:

Seçil İnceoğlu





Bora Edis



Muhammet Kantekin


Stage Manager:

Cihan Alkan



Ahmet Kaya



Fatih Sağ


Still Photography:

Burcu Yetiş