2019 German Film Critics Association Best First Film, Best Screenplay
2020 Riviera Best Film
2019 Biberacher Audience Award
2019 Lünen Best Actress (Saskia Rosendahl)
2019 Braunschweig German-French Youth Award
2019 Ahrenshooper Audience Award
2019 exground (Wiesbaden) Best Film Produced in Germany

Everything is interconnected. Nora and Aron are two young people with very different characters, but they fall in love at first sight. Aron, who is working to become a physicist, is assured that people’s apparently coincidental choices are in fact part of a predetermined plan. But something unexpected happens: Nora and Aron are caught in a bank robbery, and Aron is shot to death as he tries to protect Nora. Fast forward: Nora is trying to overcome her trauma by diving into the nightlife, where she meets Natan, who is similarly troubled. Natan’s little daughter is suffering from leukemia, and her life depends on whether a stem cell donor can be found. Nora and Natan get more and more intimate. Nora has been feeling like she knows Natan, and that she has a strange connection to him. But this connection is far more uncanny than Nora can imagine. Because everything is interconnected. Director Mariko Minoguchi makes the following comment about Relativity: “This is a film about grief, love, forgiveness, and crime. It also concerns the hope of coping with whatever life puts in our path.”


Director: Mariko Minoguchi

Cast: Saskia Rosendahl, Edin Hasanovic, Julius Feldmeier, Emanuela von Frankenberg, Hanns Zischler

2019, 111’, Color, German, with Turkish subtitles

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