The Emperor

2023 | 75’ | One act

The new play by the Dostlar Theater, adapted by Colin Teevan from the book by Ryszard Kapuscinski, The Emperor tells the story of the 44-year reign of Haile Selassie, and how it came to end. Genco Erkal, who translated the play to Turkish and is responsible for the dramaturgy, is also the director, and acts along with Enes Sarı. The costume design was done by Özlem Kaya, and the play features music by Nazım Çınar. All dictators are more or less alike. They are all made out of the same fabric. Let’s see what the story of Haile Selassie will make us think.

Written by: Ryszard Kapuscinski

Adapted by: Colin Teevan

Translator / Dramaturg / Director: Genco Erkal

Cast: Genco Erkal, Enes Sarı

Costume Design: Özlem Kaya

Lighting Design: Hakan Özipek

Assistant Director: İlknur Bayrak

Stage Manager: Serdal Coşkun

Music: Nazım Çınar

Poster Design: Tülay Ulukılıç, Uğurcan Ataoğlu