November 23, 2021

  • 24 Kasım 2021
Choreographer, art and stage director Beyhan Murphy is a graduate of T.E.D. and London School of Contemporary Dance. During her years in London, Murphy worked in various projects as a professional choreographer and modern dance instructor. After returning to Türkiye, she joined the State Opera and Ballet as a choreographer, and started and directed the Ankara MDT and (in 2011) MDTistanbul corporate modern dance ensembles. Murphy wrote and staged numerous works with the State Opera and Ballet during the last 25 years, and has her signature under many long-lasting and innovative projects as an arts executive. Murphy has worked as Artistic Advisor for the State Opera and Ballet, and as Artistic Advisor and Chief Ballet Choreographer for the İstanbul State Opera and Ballet. She has organized a record number of official tours abroad, worked as the Stage and Performing Arts Director for the 2010 İstanbul European Capital of Culture agency, during which time she enabled many contemporary and classical world stars to take stage in İstanbul, and helped independent projects materialize. Murphy currently works as the Artistic Director for the MDTistanbul project group, which works as part of the İstanbul State Opera and Ballet.