• 18:00 to 20:30
  • MAVA TV Studio
Nominated for the Oscar in four categories, “Mudbound” is among the top award winning films of the season, taking audiences to a muddy farm in Mississippi in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, a period when slavery has been abolished on paper, but injustice still reigns in social life. Forced to migrate from their comfortable big city life to a rural area where they own inherited land, Laura and her husband Henry face the hardships of farm life as they raise their children. Their land neighbors, Jackson family, who have worked in farms for generations, are conscious of their newly gained rights and are excited to own land for the first time, but continue to fight racist prejudice in their social life. Directed by Dee Rees, “Mudbound” carries the fascinating cinematography of Rachel Morrison, who made history as the first Oscar nominated woman cinematographer for her work.

2017 | Drama – War – History | 134’ | English; Turkish subtitles | 2 March 2018


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