Nilipek Duo

Nilipek., a Turkish musician, released her debut studio album titled “Sabah” in 2015. This album, which was acclaimed by music critics, was followed by “Döngü” in 2017 and “Mektuplar” in 2020. Through a series of consecutive albums and singles, Nilipek. has embarked on new and bolder musical experiments. She has expanded her musical horizons through collaborations with artists like Deeperise, Oscar Anton, Ağaçkakan, and Ahmet Ali Arslan.

In 2018, Nilipek. gave a fresh and emotional interpretation of the classic song “Gözleri Aşka Gülen.” This reinterpretation added a new dimension to the beloved song. Three years later, in 2021, she followed this with another reinterpretation, “Bir Gün Beni Arzularsan.”

In 2022, Nilipek. released collaborations with Oscar Anton (“Castles”) and Taner Yücel (“Vazgeçtim”). In 2023, she began preparations for her fourth album, titled “Uydurduğumuz Oyunlarla.” The first single from this album, “Geçmiyor Zaman,” was released in May.

In her upcoming album, Nilipek. will present 11 new songs, continuing to capture the familiar emotions of everyday life with fresh lyrics and sounds.