“Deep Listening/Deep Relaxation” welcomes those who would like to explore the sensory and auditory mechanisms that enable hearing to transform into listening, and listening into true relaxation. The event focuses on processes that transform the involuntary nature of hearing into the voluntary nature of listening, strengthen our contact with our inner space by developing proprioceptive and interoceptive perception, and turn the sense organs inward, allowing for a deep release and relaxation.

In the first part of the two-part event, the various dimensions of conscious listening will be explored through interactive practices. The dynamics of the body and sound, the operation of the sense of hearing, and processes that explore the notions of relation and depth through sound and silence will be experienced. In the second part, through the use of such instruments as Tibetan bowls, gongs, crystal bowls and the human voice, the use of sound for subtle, restorative and healing intentions will be explored, in a deep listening practice that nourishes the body-mind. The sense organs will be turned inward with autogenic techniques, brain waves will be slowed down with sound frequencies, and a deep release and relaxation will be experienced.