Thursday Classic: Banu Selin Aşan (Violin) Göknil Özkök Sezener (Viola)

  • Thursday, 24 March 2022 12:30
  • 12.30
Violinist Banu Selin Aşan and viola player Göknil Özkök Sezener will perform together in this noon concert, with a repertoire ranging from classical age genius W. A. ​​Mozart to Norwegian conductor and violinist J. Halvorsen, one of the composers of the modern period.

Although Mozart, who wrote five violin concertos, did not compose a concerto for the viola, he masterfully presented all the timbres of the viola to the audience in this work.  Hoffmeister, who was known for his musical notation in his lifetime, is actually a composer who reflects the Viennese school very well.  He is one of the composers who have an important place in the repertoire with his numerous chamber music works for violin and viola.

One of the important names of the Czech tradition, Martinu makes Three Madrigal for violin and viola stand out as an important piece in this duo repertoire, which he uses by blending different rhythmic patterns with his unique style and tonal understanding.

Halvorsen’s work, Pasakalya, inspired by Handel’s G Minor Harpsichord Suite, which will be performed last at the concert, is an impressive work with its themes and variations that include almost all techniques for both instruments.