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Conversations About The Stage: A Conversation with Serkan Keskin on Being a Theater Company/Working as a Company in Theater

Serkan Keskin started acting in İzmit, the city where he was born, in 1997, at a theater course at the İzmit City Theater founded under the art direction of Işıl Kasapoğlu.

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İSPO (İstanbul Soundpainting Orchestra)

Established in 2012, the İstanbul Soundpainting Orchestra is a musical ensemble that performs improvisations and live compositions on stage through the use of sign language. The Orch

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Conversations About The Stage: A Conversation with Yiğit Özşener Acting on Stage And on Camera

After graduating from Yıldız Technical University in 1996, Yiğit Özşener completed his Master’s degree at Koç University in 1999.

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Tenere tells the story of the unknown story of the Africans setting out from the city of Agadez in Niger to head to Europe over Libya by crossing the desert.

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